The aroma of our steak is known to increase home values.

Always the top choice

The Butcher’s Block by Maxbauer Specialty Meat Market has been the source for the best beef money can buy for over 100 years. Carrying only the top 2% of Choice and Prime grades of beef eliminates any question about the quality of your next meal. All our beef is responsibly sourced from small family-style ranches with no more than 500 heads of cattle. You won’t find feedlot beef here. Whether it’s grass-fed and grain finished for the marbling we love, or 100% grass fed beef for its health benefits, every cut in our store is a great choice.


What makes our beef special

  • We only carry the top 2% of choice beef
  • No meat from farms with more than 500 heads of cattle = no factory farms
  • Trimmed closely – exterior fat is limited, don’t pay for what you don’t eat
  • We’re the only shop in town that grinds our own meat from whole muscle every day
  • The ONLY place to get 2” dry-aged Tomahawk steak in town

Our Beef

Iowa Premium Beef





Ground Beef


Marinated Steak

Prime Rib