Tender and lightly flaky. Our fish AND our owner.

Fish that’s never fishy

We believe in 3 tenets for every product: quality, convenience, and value. Fish that appears fresh in a counter is often 5 to 7 days old or has been previously frozen, which increases retail prices and degrades quality of product. Anything that comes from the sea will be found frozen in our store. This allows us to sell it at one-third to half the price of other retailers, and allows you to thaw a portion just when you need it. Vacuum sealing allows for thaw in just 20 minutes in cool water. We think YOU should decide when to thaw, not us.


What Makes Our Fish so Great

  • Individually quick-frozen immediately and vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness
  • Can be thawed in just 20 minutes
  • Fresh wild, lake-caught Whitefish, Walleye, and Perch

Our Seafood

White Fish

Canadian Walleye

Battered Cod

Wild-Caught Norwegian Salmon Filets

Wild Caught Sockeye Filet

Chilean Sea Bass

Breaded Tilapia



Sea Scallops

Canadian Cold Water Lobster Tail

King Crab Legs

Yellowfin Tuna